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Hall of Femmes: Carin Goldberg

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The postmodernist book designer.

Carin Goldberg started out her professional career at the end of the 70’s as a designer at CBS Television and CBS Records; a period when you most of all, according to Carin herself, had to be ”a cool, irreverent, experimental, hungry, talented smart-ass”.
In the 80’s she established her own firm, Carin Goldberg Design, where she still works today. Over the following two decades she designed over 1000 books for all the largest American publishing houses. Carin Goldberg har worked with, among others, Madonna, Steve Reich, Kurt Vonnegut, and Susan Sontag.

In 2009 she was rewarded the prestigious AIGA Gold Medal in recognition of her collective career.

Editors: Maina Arvas and Hjärta Smärta (Angela Tillman Sperandio and Samira Bouabana). Typography and design: Hjärta Smärta. Pages: 64. Size: 130×230 mm. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2010. Oyster Press [OP007]. ISBN: 978-91-978827-2-9.